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Here are 7 things you need to know before you do a Gathering

Hello EO preneur. Every company, service, educational institution, community or family must have done a gathering. Namely activities that gather all members or employees in one activity in one location. Many kinds of activities in Gathering, which are tailored to their needs.

Usually the Gathering activities are limited to gathering in one place in an event organized by the committee or organized by a certain Event Organizer and in commemoration of certain events. But we must know what kind of gathering it is and for what the event is being held. Some of the Gathering events are usually as follows:

Now, from the various Gathering activities, what do we need to know and how should we organize the Gathering activities into an event that is not just fun. Here we will discuss things that we need to know in the Gathering activities including :

  1. Family Gathering
  2. Community Gathering
  3. Company Gathering
  4. Employee Gathering

    So Let’s start to learn something now !

1. Define the Gathering Theme

The theme or tagline of the Gathering activity that we will make must be aimed at the objectives to be achieved from an event that we want to create or carry out, usually here the Committee will determine the specific purpose of the Gathering activity, EO will help determine or direct the Theme of the Gathering which will be implemented.

2. Make Preparations for Gathering

Preparation must be done at least a month before the specified day. This will make it easier for you to devise all the desired plans. Because careful preparation will make the results of your event a success and in accordance with the initial planning when a small committee is formed.

3. Do a survey

After you have a plan to do a family gathering, you need to do a location survey first. Without a location survey, family gathering activities will not necessarily run smoothly. Some things that must be surveyed include :

  1. Gathering Location
  2. Price or Budget Gathering Estimates
  3. Empty Date Area gathering
  4. Path or trip to the Gathering location
  5. Transportation for Gathering

4. Form of the Event Committee

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Mobilize a number of employees to serve as the committee for the family gathering event. Without a solid committee or team, the Family Gathering event can be chaotic. In this case you have to specify the event section, funding section, documentation section, transportation section to consumption section so that the implementation of your activities will not be messy. For convenience, you can usually appoint a companion EO who can help you complete all the planning carefully.

5. Determine the Right Date

After determining the venue for the event, you must determine the exact date. In determining the date, you must coordinate with all the implementation team so that the event can take place properly. Choosing the right date also affects your Gathering activities running successfully, as an illustration of choosing a holiday that is not too crowded or peak season, because it is certain the road will be jammed, and your activities might be delayed.

6. Determine the Right Location for the Gathering Place

Look for the right location for you to make the Gathering place, the selection of the right Gathering Location also affects the results of the gathering itself, because it must be adjusted to the background of the participants and their age. As an illustration, if you do a Gathering for vulnerable people aged 50 years and over, then certainly you do not choose a place with a hilly contour, select the area of ​​the field or villa that is just on its trekking path.

7. Arrange the Events Appropriately

Perform the preparation of events in accordance with the approval of employee members in the company. You can arrange events according to the chosen event location. Arrange the Event in as much detail as possible and as exciting as possible. You can make a luxurious event but not according to the concept, for that the right arrangement of events will make your Gathering activities will end perfectly, and of course there is a plus if you as a Committee make your Event Gathering successful.

Those are some easy things that need to be done so that your company’s family gathering can run smoothly and successfully. Don’t forget to choose the right location so that your company’s family gathering is not boring.

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