Amazing Journey Offroad in Bandung

Offroad in Bandung has become an adventure tourism choice for lovers of outdoor activities. Even now Offroad is used as an Outing facility for companies, schools and even families who want to feel the sensation of Adventure in Bandung. Offroad in Bandung is dominated by Land Rover Offroad Cars, in addition to its strong power and traction, a relieved body and chassis make this car can be loaded with 7-8 adults with an average total weight of 500-700 kilograms.

So what are the Types of Offroad Tours offered by Javarove Offroad Bandung ?? You are curious ?? Here goes the Amazing Race Offroad Bandung Package at Javarove Event Master! You can Watch the Excitement Offroad that Javarove Has by Youtube

In the middle of the journey the participants will be challenged by the teamwork to be able to complete a variety of exciting games that require strategy, communication, cooperation and also good leadership, all of which will be recorded well by the Team of facilitators to then be judged in choosing who the best participants and teams who will get attractive prizes provided by the event committee or by the Javarove Event Master. We call this Challenge the Spot Challenge Amazing Race Offroad.

Amazing Race Offroad Bandung offered by Javarove Event Master has advantages not possessed by other similar events, such as some Offroad vendors offering standard Offroad, our Javarove Event Master combines Offroad, Outbound and Paintball activities in one activity that is certainly exciting to do. Let’s discuss what the excitement of the Offroad Amazing Race is like …

This Amazing Offroad Race will start at the pick-up point of the client. Usually the Client will go to the nearest meeting point, which is in Cikole Lembang. The first is the preparation and safety brief and pray together before starting the Amazing Race activity at the Offroad meeting point, namely in Cikole, or at Door 2 Cikole. But the location of the meeting point can be adjusted to the location of the inn from you, which is still around Lembang Bandung, we will pick you up to the location of the hotel.

Then from the Cikole Point meeting, you will choose the Land Rover car that we have given the number for, wait for you, you must get the Landy Number by searching first in the Meeting Point area. Whoever the Team gets first, can go directly to the Land Rover that has been prepared. And go straight to the first post, Sukawana Kebun Tea Parongpong, there you have to take a selfie or selfie with a beautiful tea garden background and you have to tag it to Instagram Javarove << don’t forget Hastag, yes #offroadamazingrace #offroadamazingracelembang #treasurehuntoffroadbandung for Viraaalll guys!

Next we enjoy the Offroad trip from Sukawana Tea garden to Cikole Lembang with several Offroad Track spots that stimulate your adrenaline, because there are many cliffs, muddy tracks, muddy roads and puddles of water that are like muddy and bumpy rivers. Car shake to the left and right will bring the atmosphere of adrenaline is mounting.

After you pass the extraordinary Extreme track on the Sukawana offroad to Cikole, you will rest at a location known as Mang Kumis (Lap Id Bah) stall right in the Cikole offroad rest area. Here, you will rest for a while before continuing the Amazing Race, which is Fun Race Game, where Javarove will provide fun and cheerful compactness games for you and your colleagues. Of course, with different games, and certainly fun for you to try.

Next, we will give the Team a challenge, namely the Paintball war simulation game, a war simulation game that is done in groups in the Paintball Arena site, in this situation you will feel the thrill of adrenaline when fighting your enemy team, always keep your safety distance and not to keep safety shoot your teammates and of course don’t get shot at Paintball Bullets, your body might bump, let alone shoot your own friends …

Finally, after you and your team have completed all the challenges Javarove has given, starting from finding the Land Rover Number, Selfie in the Tea Garden, Selfie on the Offroad track, trying the Offroad track which is full of mud and water puddles, and rocks. And you’ve also completed all the challenges in the Fun Games and War Simulation Painball, now it’s time we determine who will be the winner in this Amazing Race Offroad Activity Bandung.

Well of course the team that completes all challenges perfectly, with the most points, and applies all aspects of Cooperation, Leadership, Integrity and others. For the winning team will be given a reward or prize. This prize is usually provided by the Committee, but if you want to prepare a prize for the team champion, you can also request it to Javarove.

You can take all the series of Amazing Race Offroad activities, with a package that certainly fits your budget. Holding a fun and challenging activity, Offroad Amazing Race is the solution … How, you must be interested in doing Amazing Race Offroad activities in Bandung with Javarove Make a reservation right away, while the Line is still Okee in Offroad Bandung.

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